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10 Amazing reggae facts you should know

1. If you are after some amazing reggae facts, look no further. This article looks at 10 great reggae facts that every reggae connoisseur should know about. Here we go, enjoy!

2. I bet you did not know this reggae fact. Reggae came about by accident when Sir Coxsone was messing about with a delay machine he got from the United Sates. It so happen that the other studios tried to copy the sound and ended up developing the guitar chuck, which was simply a slap back delay.

3. Here is an interesting reggae fact, reggae legend Bob slept on cold ground when they made on attempt at this life, which he sang about in Talking Blues. It is alleged that he said one day he would be greater than Elvis Presley.

4. Did you know One Love by Bob Marley was hugely inspired by Curtis Mayfield song People Get Ready? Well it was. Bob Marley was a huge fan of Curtis Mayfield and he originally wanted to do soul music. Just an interesting reggae fact.

5. In Jamaica John Holt has the most reggae hit songs as a singer even more than Bob Marley. Beenie Man has the most hit songs overall in Jamaica. Can you believe these reggae facts?

6. Ziggy Marley has the most Grammy awards for reggae music. Don’t know if anyone will out do that anytime soon.

7. Fire deh a mus mus tail was done on the fly by Frankie Paul. Frankie said that he was eating some food and he was not prepared but he wanted to make some money. So as he got up to sing, someone said to him fire deh a mus mus tail, which means that he was under fire because he was not ready to sing. Very nice reggae fact.

8. Another fact about reggae is that the reggae bubble or shuffle is unique to only reggae music. Am not saying that the organ is only used by reggae musicians, but how it’s used is unique to only reggae.

9. Reggae is not the number one music played on radio in Jamaica! Who would have thought? I find it hard to believe myself.

10. Dennis Brown is considered to be the singers’ singer. By for, he had the most influence over a whole generation of Jamaican reggae singers. In fact he was one of Bob Marley’s favourite singers, the other was John Holt.

Reggae colour is red, yellow and green, but black is also included. Hey just an interesting fact!

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