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The Secret To Mastering Reggae Rock

reggae rock

If you are like me, always after a new feel to your reggae sound, then a reggae rock sound may be the answer to what you are looking for.

So what is reggae rock really? Reggae rock is simply reggae with a rock influence. This may take the form of adding a rock guitar here or there, maybe use a rock drum beat or bass line or some other instrument that will give a reggae rock vibe. 

The easiest way to get a reggae rock sound in my experience is to include a rock guitar sound along with the regular reggae instruments.  So you basically make the reggae track and then layer it with a rock rhythm guitar, and where appropriate some stirring solo fills. I have tried this technique myself and it never disappoints.  Try it, you will like it.

If you like to experiment and I hope you do, then you could replace the standard reggae bass line and use a rockier bass line instead.  But make sure to keep all the other elements of standard reggae or otherwise it will neither be reggae or reggae rock.

Another technique you could use to get a reggae rock sound is to change the reggae one drop drum beat to a rock drum beat. This may be a little bit trickier than it sounds. Why? Because reggae is defined by the one drop drum beat.  Thus, if it’s eliminated it can be very hard to recapture the reggae sound or vibe. Just make sure you pay more attention to your timing before you record or perform in front of an audience. This technique is a little subtle and may not be very obvious to the listener but, they will be bopping their head and don’t know why, trust me.

If you want to be a little adventurous or over the top, for the start of a reggae rock song you could ignore all the elements of reggae and introduce the song as a rock song. It will be a pleasant surprise to the listener when the song changes to full on reggae. Or, you could make the bridge of the song completely rock. These unexpected changes add depth and colour to the music. Try it for yourself.

If you don’t like any of the above as a stand alone technique, you could try all or a combination of them.  Just remember to maintain the integrity of the song or sound.  So if its reggae rock it should be reggae with the added rock influences.  Having said that, if you are after something completely new or different then ignore everything I’ve said and do whatever you like.

Don’t forget that there are other instruments used in rock music apart from the drum, bass and the guitar.  So check those out too and again experiment, don’t be afraid to, that’s the only way you are going to know what works and what doesn’t.  

Ultimately though, your ear should be your guide. So if it sounds and feels good then by all means run with it. And that’s it, until next time, respect!  To help with your reggae rock also see reggae guitar. Types of reggae

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