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RohanHello and welcome to How-To-Play-Reggae.com!  I am Rohan Newman and I have created this website to help anyone who is interested in playing authentic reggae music.  I am a Jamaican guitarist now living in the UK and I mainly play Reggae, Gospel and a bit of Jazz. 

I am also a Teacher of Mathematics and Physical Education by profession, With QTS, Dip. Ed, BA degree and a MSc in Sports Health.  I have played for reggae super star Luciano and Mikey General.  I have also played in an opening band for gospel reggae artists Junior Tucker and Lieutenant Stitchie.  In addition, I have played for American gospel artist Crystal Aikin and I produced and written songs for various UK based artists.   

I really love reggae music, mainly because the beat is like the pulse of the heart and the artists keep it real.  Further more, reggae is all about peace and love and the aim of How-To-Play-Reggae.com is to spread this message around the globe.  All that you need to learn about reggae and how to play it is here on this website.  So learn as much as you can and help spread the message of peace and love around the world. 

Peace and love! 


























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