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Amazing reggae guitar VST 


Reggae guitar VST’s are some of the hardest virtual studio technology on the planet to fReggae Guitar VSTind.  But there’s hope, read on.    

The best reggae VST I have found to date is Uederschall Reggae Fundamentals. It’s not a fully blown VST or software instrument but their elastic player plugin allows it to act that way.  

I’ve used it, my friends have used it and we’ve all found it very fun to use. One of its cool features, is tempo matching. It allows you to use it with any tempo. Remember though it’s more of a sample base instrument, but can act as a reggae guitar VST. Keep in mind too, it does take some time to get your head around. 

For some great reggae drum sounds try the reggae drum kit from ToontrackEZX, its very good I use it on many compositions. The ability to compose the beat in the player itself is amazing. The bongo drums that is part of the kit are sweet and has made my life little easier in that regard. Try it.

If Ueberschall or Toontracks does not suit your needs, then try out East West Quantum Leap, it’s expensive, but worth it. They make loads of software instruments which, seriously sounds realistic. Don’t take my word for it. Go to YouTube and listen to the Gypsy acoustic instrument, if you are not convinced, then something is wrong with your ears.  

Again it’s pricey, but they have different packages that may work for you.  Goliath and Ministry of Rock are very good and they work well as reggae VST’s.  

If price matters to you greatly, then the Native Instrument Komplete series for what you get are a bargain.  They do all of the major instruments you’ll need for reggae.  To start off, check out the Kontakt, Massive and battery players, you’ll love them.  

Although it’s not as good as East West Quantum Leap, Komplete is nonetheless a solid software instrument and its Scarbee Funk Guitarist instrument works well as a reggae guitar VST.  

If you own a Mac, you can use GarageBand or even better, Logic Studio.  Logic especially has loads of reggae instruments, and its guitar VST is perfect for reggae guitar.  Check out the muted guitar.  

In addition to guitar instruments, Logic has reggae drums, organ and bass ready to use out of the box.  There are also some tasty reggae loops in the Loop library (Jam Packs).  Who knows, you may even abandon your search for a reggae guitar VST after you hear the loops on offer.  

Propeller Head Reason is another reasonably good piece of kit for reggae.  Many reggae and especially dancehall hit songs were produced in Reason.  Listen to their sample library and you will instantly see what I mean.  

However, it’s not the library that will impress you most; it’s the NNXT and the NN19 VST samplers. The Dr. Octo Rex Loop Play has some fat reggae drums, bongo and conga percussion samples as well. The price for Reason is not bad when one considers what’s in the package and the fact that it now supports some third party plugins.

These are just some of the reggae guitar VST that I use. I am sure there are many others. But if you have the cash, get yourself a copy of one and go have some fun. If you think I have missed any do let me know, by posting below. Take care!     

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