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The 10 Best Reggae Love Songs 

Reggae Love Songs

These are the top 10 reggae love songs of all times - well according to how-to-play-reggae.com (and we know how reliable that source is LOL).These reggae love songs were chosen based on popularity, and because they came out of real life experiences.  There is a video as well for those who don't like reading. 

These reggae love songs may not make every bodies list but it’s a start.  Please feel free to put forth any suggestions, as the list is not cast in stone.  Email me using the contact page.  Here goes.  Oh! I almost forgot, make sure you check out reggae wedding songs as well.

No Woman, No Cry- Bob Marley went all out on this reggae love song, and rumour has it that it was done for his wife Rita Marley; very honourable and sweet indeed. Of all the reggae love songs this one stands out because it was actually recorded live.

Turn Your Lights Down Low- Another reggae love song from the late great Robert Nester Marley, and was supposed to have been written in London for a special miss world (you will have to figure out who she is for yourself). The Lauren Hill cover version with Bob is also a must have for your collection. 

Night Nurse- This reggae love song was a hit all over the world, done by the Cool ruler himself Mr Gregory Isaacs. Simply Red also did a cover version which is simply fantastic. Get a copy of it, it’s worth it.  

Cottage In Negril- It’s alleged that Tyrone Taylor did this reggae love song after a brief stint with a girl from abroad who was on holiday in Jamaica. His heart was so ripped apart when the relationship ended; he had no choice but to pen the lines which resulted in this great reggae love song. The cover version by Duane Stephenson is also very good. 

Breaking Up- If you have ever loved someone and had to part, then the words to this reggae love song will undoubtedly bring back floods of memories. I wonder what Alton Ellis was going through when he wrote this one. Only listen to this reggae love song if you can cope with the emotions. His son Christopher Ellis also covered this song. 

Just One of Those Days (Dry Cry)- All theses reggae love songs were birth from real life experiences, and this one by Sizzla is no exception. Apparently he did this one for his girl friend who he was with at the time. She had a curious effect on him wouldn’t you say?  

Waiting in Vain- Again done by Mr. Bob Marley, and of all the reggae love songs, this was my favourite when growing up and it still is to this very day. Maxi Priest did a cover version with Lee Ritenour from the album A Twist of Marley. If you haven’t heard the album yet, get it. It’s worth every penny, pence or whatever, you get the picture. 

Red Red Wine UB40 out of England covered this song (originally done by Neil Diamond) and it was a major hit around the world. It is still a favourite of many today. The beauty of this song is the emotions that it evokes because of the mood that it puts you in. It also helps that Ali Campbell the lead singer (at the time) has a unique voice that fits well with the song. 

She’s Royal I am still amazed at the amount of ladies that love this reggae love song. I don’t think I have come across a lady who does not love it. And they have very good reason to. It’s not very often reggae love songs or any love song for that matter, highlights women as royal, and which girl doesn’t want to be? The song is done by Tarrus Riley.

Underneath It AllThis song was a hit for No Doubt sang by Gwen Stefani featuring Lady Saw. It’s a very smooth reggae love song and Gwen Stefani tamed her voice to pull it off. It’s also a sound track in the romance comedy 50 First Dates, very fitting indeed.

Ok I lied! Its not 10 its actually eleven. 

Love You Girl- I had to add this extra one, its done by up and coming reggae artist Iba Mahr who is slowly making a name for himself internationally.  The song is simply great and Iba Mahr's unique style (similar to Edi Fitzroy) just accentuates it.  Its on the "Intransit Riddim" by Wayne Thompson.

And that’s it. Let me know what you think of these reggae love songs. Use the form on the contact page to send me your comments. For more on reggae love songs and others


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