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10 Reggae Quotes About Life


1.  Why do you look so forsaken? Don’t you know that when one door is closed then another ones open. - Bob Marley  10 Reggae Quotes About Life

2. I don’t understand it, after you contribute so much good to society; they should just give you a piece of land to live on.  They don’t have to give a house just the land, its land is God create it, we shouldn’t have to pay so much. - Chronixx 

3. Only your friend knows your secret, so only he could reveal it. - Bob Marley

4.  Vexation of spirit is a waste of time, negative thinking don’t you waste your thoughts, verbal conflict is a waste of words, physical conflict is a waste of flesh, people will always be who they want, that’s what really makes the world go round, unconditional love is scarce. -  Junior Gong 

5.  My life has been filled with ups and down, sometimes I never knew which way to turn, when the going gets rough the tough gets going, even though am broken up inside, I’ll never give up my pride. - Luciano 

6.  If you believe in yourself whatever you do will be prosperous, but you have to believe in yourself, whatsoever you doing it’s not for you alone but to help other people. -  Lee Perry 

7. My show is about life, when one leaves my show I expect them to feel uplifted. - Jimmy Cliff 

8.  Magic happens once and to duplicate it, you have to come so good. -  Jimmy Cliff 

9.  Lucky Dube is a singer from South Africa that is trying to make sense out of life, trying to send a message across to people everywhere in the world and calling for unity amongst people. Not just black people but, white people, green people, whatever people there are. -  Lucky Dube

10. Well what it takes to be a living legend, it’s just respect, because it’s the people that respects you and give you that title. - Junior Reid 

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