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Learn the secrets of how to play reggae!


Welcome!  How To Play Reggae was establish just for you.  Here you will learn all things concerning reggae and of course, the secHow to Play Reggaerets of how to play reggae. 

In fact you will be hard pressed to find the resources here in any other place. 

If you are a guitarist, bass player, keyboard player, drummer or if you are cool and just wanted to see where some cool people hang out, stick around you are guaranteed to leave knowing something new.


Reggae Guitar

The lessons on how to play reggae guitar includes strumming techniques – how to do the chuck or chop as we call it in Jamaica, the rhythm or riddim techniques, the types of guitars use to play reggae, setting the guitar and amp to get the sound and what effects works best.

We will also look at the reggae chords and their progressions.  This includes the type of chords used and why, and how you can actually hold them to make playing easy.  I will also give suggestions on the different types of reggae chord progressions, including some roots reggae progressions.

Reggae Bass

For those who want to learn how to play reggae bass, we’ve got information on playing styles and techniques; the types of bass and amps used and how to get the "right" tone.  Additionally, we will also go into the secrets behind getting that age less reggae beat.  

You can find some good information on the reggae bass scale, the best reggae bass used in reggae music and some of the great reggae bass players

Reggae keyboard

There isn’t a lot written about how to play reggae on the keyboard or even what types of keyboard are generally used.  Here you will find lessons on chord progressions and when and where to place your riffs.  You will also learn a few standard techniques to help push your playing forward.   

Reggae drums

We haven’t forgotten about the drummers – the back bone of any good reggae sound. You will learn the reggae drumming techniques used to get some of the sounds you hear on recordings, the types of drums used and more.  

Reggae History

If reggae music history is your thing, we’ve got that too. We have looked at the origin of the music, why it was created, the influences by different genres such as, Ska, Jazz, Blues, Gospel, pukkumina, Mento, Rocksteady and even dancehall. We will also look at where the music is today and where it’s headed.  

Reggae instruments

We will also look at the different instruments used in reggae a part form the guitar, keyboard, drum, and bass.  Instruments such as the bongo drum, trumpet and bottles.  Bottles?! Yes bottles! In fact, apart from the four basic instruments mentioned above there are no rules as to what instruments you can use in reggae. 

Reggae colours

Did you know that there are many people who love reggae so some much that they have become reggae fashion fanatic?  Well there are, and we have included a module on reggae clothing and reggae colors -explaining what it is.  

We've compiled some beats so as to give you the listener a feel of the different vibes or emotion that reggae can evoke in the listener – happiness, sadness, love, hate etc. There are also some reggae ring tones to be had from Jahtoopers.  

Reggae interviews

I have also done some reggae interviews that you should check out.  The artists includes, Family Man, Audley Chisholm and Maurice Gordon and there will more of course!

Types of reggae  

Jamaica is not the only country in the world that produces great reggae music, therefore I have added information on the different types and styles of reggae from around the world.  This includes American reggae and Rock reggae, and there will be more.


There is an exploration into Ska music, simply because reggae is a descendant of Ska.  You can check out the instruments use in Ska to get some ideas if you are into this genre.

Is this all How To Play Reggae has to offer?  Of course not, as you can see this is your one stop hang out spot on how to play reggae. Again a big welcome!  Stick around and when you leave, come again and bring a friend. Nuff love!  


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