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How to Play Acoustic Reggae Guitar

If you are satiated of the tired but true sound of the electric reggae guitar, then look no further than the acoustic reggae guitar for a change in sound.    acoustic reggae guitar

The acoustic reggae guitar gives a more organic and personal feel, because of its natural and intimate sound. Because of the “nakedness” of reggae music, the acoustic reggae guitar then, makes an ideal companion.

How Is Acoustic Reggae Guitar Played?

Acoustic reggae guitar can be played in a variety of ways. It can be played the same way an electric guitar is normally played - shanking, chucking, chopping or whatever else an electric guitar is used for in reggae.

Another technique that is often used when playing acoustic reggae guitar, is what you could call the dampening technique. Instead of playing bar chords, open string chords are used.

After each strum, the strumming hand very quickly and gently dampens all the strummed strings using the palm, and then starts again. This can be tricky while changing chords. It’s an effective technique, but I don’t like to use it while playing acoustic reggae guitar. It just feel strange.

Sometimes acoustic reggae guitarists just constantly strum or finger pick throughout a song, using techniques from folk music and other genres. It doesn’t really matter what or how you play, the key is to make it fit.

How Is The Acoustic Reggae Guitar Used In A Song?

This can be done in various ways. Some reggae guitarist uses the acoustic reggae guitar to play lead bits or recurring melody throughout a song. This most times is done to give the song feeling or to add variety.

Also, the acoustic reggae guitar is used in many cases as a stand along instrument when the artist wants to get rid of the distraction so the listener can focus on the message. A good example of this is Bob Marley’s Redemption Song.

Additionally, acoustic reggae guitars can be used with Congas, bongos or a myriad of other acoustic and percussion instruments.

Types Of Acoustic Reggae Guitars

There isn’t a specific acoustic reggae guitar that most players prefer. But if you are in the market for one, go to a music shop and buy the one that makes you feel like you want to cry when you play it. It will do, trust me!

If you have the money, get one with a solid top or even better one with a solid body - the sound will improve over time. If it’s going to be your only reggae acoustic guitar, then you should seriously consider an electric acoustic. This will give you a lot more options.

Personally I like the nylon string reggae acoustic guitars better. They sound really exotic and relaxing and I get that island feeling when I play one. But whatever floats your boat, go with that.

Players Of Acoustic Reggae Guitar

I must confess I don’t know many players of acoustic reggae guitar. But artists and musicians like Bob Marley, Earl “China” Smith, Stephen “Cat” Coore, Jahcoustix and even Bruno Mars (Billionaire) are good starting points.

Do a quick YouTube search and you will see what I mean. Have fun! Click the link for more on how to play acoustic reggae guitar

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