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The best reggae amp settings


Let me start by saying that reggae amp settings, like everything that involves people’s opReggae Amp Settingsinion is very subjective. So please bare that in mind as you explore these reggae guitar amp settings.    

These reggae amp settings are just a platform which will allow you to get started setting up your amp to play reggae music. The settings are done using a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe (it’s the amp I use) but, will work for most amps.

For rhythm guitar I normally use the clean channel on my amp. The reggae amp settings I use are shown below.

Volume: 5/6

I really don’t go higher than this or the amp will start to drive. However, this reggae amp setting may not affect amps like the Roland JC 120, Fender Twin Reverb or any other amp with a higher watt. So I leave it to your judgement.

Drive: 5

One needs to be very careful with the drive and the bass reggae amp settings, as things can get muddy very quickly. For rhythm guitar it’s especially important not to drive the amp too much unless you are trying to get a particular sound.

Treble: 5/6

I mostly leave it on 6 for reggae.  This allows the sound to cut through the mix.  This is very important when using the chucking/chopping technique.  See how to play reggae guitar for more on this.  

Bass: 0

Yes I actually set the amp to zero for this reggae amp setting. Things become too muddy if I make the reggae amp settings here any higher. I think these particular models of Fender amps can sound bass heavy at times. So feel free to use your own settings here.

Reverb: 2/3

I rarely go pass this reggae amp setting unless I am trying to get a special effect. Otherwise too much depth and space is created which produces an unnatural sound.

Presence: 5/6

Some musicians don’t like to use presence as part of their reggae amp settings but, I love it. If its on your amp its on there for a reason so use it. I find that it makes my sound more pristine and complete.

For a bit of crunch when strumming, I turn up the drive or use a pedal (sometimes the reggae amp settings I use does not give the best sound, so I use a pedal). And besides you can’t always change your reggae amp settings on the fly when playing.

A lead reggae amp setting can be achieved – if you are a purist, by turning the volume on your guitar to full and turning up the drive to taste. Alternatively you could use a pedal. I use various models but mainly the Digitech Bad Monkey or Black Star’s HT Dual.

These are the reggae amp settings I use and they have worked well for me. Lets us know what reggae amp settings you use by leaving a comment below. Come back again and thanks for stopping by!  For more on reggae amp and reggae amp settings 


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