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  • This is the single most popular reggae chord progresssion that has been used over the years. Its only two chords, one minor and the other major, but this reggae chord progression is has been used by all reggae acts over the years.
  • 10 simple guitar chords progression that you should know about. The most popular chords in pop music today, used by all the geat singers. They will provide a firm base for you to build your guitar chords progression on.
  • Three amazing r & b chord progressions that will impressed you. All three of them are in nice keys. I will also tell which songs they are used in.
  • reggae guitar amps, sound, effects and chopping technique
  • how to play reggae guitar in anthentic Jamaican way
  • Some very good tips to help you develop your reggae guitar solo playing. Including how to practice, to sound like the great reggae guitar players.
  • How to get the reggae guitar sound from your guitar and amp to sound authentic.
  • Some amazing blues guitar scales that the greas use to great effect. These blues scales will keep you playing for days.
  • How to palm mute the reggae guitar, including what is palm muting, palm muting technique, exercises and how palm muting is used in reggae music.
  • The 7 best reggae guitars, the top reggae guitarist use. Including Marley and Tosh. Some of them are the Fender Strat, Tele, Gibson Les Paul and SG, and others. These are the best reggae guitars.
  • A list of the 10 best reggae amp, based on price and how they sound. These are the most popular Reggae amp used.
  • The Roland Jazz Chorus is the best reggae amp money can buy. In this must read article I will tell you why. There are information on the players who use it, why they use it and the settings you should try.
  • Great review of the fender mustang amp. The mustang amp footswitch, how it is use in reggae music and the type of amp settings that will give you a nice clean reggae guitar sound.
  • Bob Marley reggae guitar lesson technique. The guitars he used, amps and playing styles. Enjoy this leson on Bob Marley's reggae guitar styles and technique.
  • Some good reggae amp settings to get you started. Read about my reverb reggae amp setting and others.
  • The best reggae delay tips and more. Here we look at settings, techniques, types and a few extra tips to help you master the reggae delay styles.
  • How to play acoustic reggae guitar, What types of acoustic reggae guitar, how it is used and the different players.
  • reggae guitar chords and reggae chords progressions
  • Reggae guitar chords you that you should know. Including bar chords, triads and how they are use in reggae music. The reggae guitar tabs are also given for you to practice with.
  • The most incredible reggae pedal; multi-effects, stomboxes and rackmount effects
  • Must read review on the Boss Me 70 reggae pedal. The pros and the cons of the Me 70 and its features.
  • All you need to know about the reggae bass, amp and sound
  • reggae bass lesson on how to play reggae bass guitar
  • The easiest reggae bass scales to learn. The minor pentatonic, major pentatonic and the major or blues reggae bass scales.
  • Tips on how to get the best reggae bass sound. The amps, techniques and among other things use to get the reggae bass sound.
  • The best reggae bass the top reggae musicians use and other best reggae bass which are not very popular.
  • The best reggae bass players including Aston Barrett, Robbie Shakespeare, Lloyds Parks, Earl Chinna Smith and many more reggae bass players.
  • 5 things you don't know about the reggae keyboard, when it was first used, what types of reggae keyboard, the types of sound, what types of effect and who played it.
  • the 4 basic secret on how to play reggae keyboard. The rhythm and bubble technique, how to play reggae keyboard riffs and fills and using it for other instruments.
  • The things you need to know about the reggae piano, how it is used, the types of reggae piano, when it was used, some of the top players.
  • Tips on the reggae organ, how it is used, the types of reggae organs and some of the players.
  • The reggae bubble technique and sound explained. Learn how to do the reggae shuffle uisng one hand and both hands.
  • this page is about reggae drums and how to get the sound and feel. It includes the one drop, rockers, steppers and the dancehall drum beat.
  • How to play reggae drum beats, including the one drop, steppers and the rockers reggae drum beats.
  • reggae jazz chords and jazz reggae music
  • List of the top 10 reggae instruments and some
  • learn the secret to mastering reggae vocals. the styles, techniques, what to sing about among others
  • 100 Famous Reggae Songs. Here is a list of 100 famous reggae songs. The list includes Ska, Reggae and Rocksteady.
  • The 10 greatest reggae love songs. Based on popularity and because they are birth from real life experiences. Enjoy these great reggae love songs.
  • Some truly amazing reggae wedding songs. This list is different form all the others, and people will be dancing away at your reggae wedding.
  • Amazing reggae quotes from different artist and people in reggae music. Including Peter Tosh, Bob Marley and many others.
  • 20 Amazing Bob Marley reggae quotes about love, happiness, music, life and much more. If you are looking for inspiration these Bob Marley quotes is a must read. Peace and love! Enjoy.
  • Reggae quotes about life from some of the biggest names in reggae music today. They include Jimmy Cliff, Junior Reid and many others.
  • The characteristics of reggae music, the feel, instrumemts, vocals and loads more.
  • The different Jamaican music styles, including kumina, mento, jazz, rocksteady, reggae, and all the other Jamaican music styles you can think of.
  • 10 Amazing reggae facts you should know about. These reggae facts is a must read for anyone who loves reggae music
  • The best reggae guitar VST you can find anywhere to creating reggae music.
  • The reggae colors, their meaninng and how they came about and how you can rock the different combination of reggae colors.
  • This article looks at the 10 of the best ska instruments. These ska instruments includes, guitar, bass, drum, brass, piano, organ and others.
  • The Ultimate guide to playing reggae rock
  • The different types of reggae: roots reggae, dub reggae, american reggae, roots reggae and reggae rock. How these reggae came about, what are their special characteristics and songs in these speciality.
  • What is Spanish Reggae: I look at the the bands, the artist and how it varies form other forms of reggae music. I also look at the time period when in which it developed.
  • Why and how dub reggae was created, alone with some secret tips and tricks to help you understand and produce good reggae dub songs.
  • What is american reggae and the types of american reggae bands. Influences on american reggae music and how its shaping the reggae industry.
  • Great reggae interview with reggae musicains Aston Family Man Barrett, Ernest Ranglin, Audley Chisholm, Maurice Gordon and others.
  • Must read Earl Chinna Smith interview on reggae, his guitar, and all the reggae artists that he has played for over the years, from Bob Marley, to Lauryn Hill, Amy Winehouse and many more.
  • Must read interview with Hussla Dandymite form Jahtroopers. He is one of the top reggae artist in the UK right now and is making waves. Check out Hussla Dandymite reggae interview.
  • A Fantastic inteview in most read with Aston Barrett Family Man
  • A most read interview with reggae guitarist Audley Chisholm. He shares some very insightful imformation on the Boss gears he use.
  • Interview with Maurice Gordon Reggae, Jazz and Blues Guitarist. Who played for Jimmy Cliff and others. He also teaches at the Edna Manley school of music.
  • This interview with reggae super star and legend Jimmy Cliff, looks at where it all started, the challenges he faced, the state of reggae today and his album Rebirth.
  • Legendary guitarist Ernest Ranglin talks about his guitar technique, how to ahieve it and the approach he takes to tutoring students. Plus a lot more. Enjoy!
  • This page is about reggae news from jamaica and around the world. Reggae music news on about artist, shows and personal life.
  • how to play reggae guitar, reggae drum and reggae bass site map






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