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Using The Boss Me 70 As A Reggae Pedal

"The Me 70 rocks for its small size"

If you are after a decent guitar multi-effects pedal for reggae, then look no furthe Boss me 70 reggae pedalr than the Boss Me 70 reggae pedal. I have one and let me tell you, this little unit rocks for its small size.

First of all the Boss Me 70 reggae pedal is ruggedly constructed. I have dropped it; plug the wrong power lead in it, left it in the cold and it is still working.

So if you are a gigging reggae guitarist or musician, no need to worry about this baby not holding up on the road. The Me 70 will only get the run of the mill scratch and scrapes here and there, but nothing serious.

The Me 70 reggae pedal sounds fantastic too, to my ears at least. It uses the same sounds that ships with the Boss GT 10.

We all know that sound is very subjective, but with a few tweaks here and there anyone could get a very usable sound in no time, which makes the Me 70 even more ideal as a live reggae pedal.

Believe it or not I hardly ever have to do loads of tweaking to get a sound I like with the Me 70 reggae pedal. I start by putting everything at twelve o’clock and just jam from there.

The Me 70 has a mono and stereo send. The mono I normally run to the front of my Fender Hot Rod and together they sound gorgeous.

It has less distortion sounds than its older brother the Me 50, but it's not anything to lose sleep over. In most cases musicians will only use the same one or two presets anyway.

Also, not all reggae guitarists use a lot of distortion. Don’t know why, maybe it’s because of the noise? It’s a good thing then the Me 70 has a built in noise gate.

Reggae guitarists rely quite a bit on reverb and although the Me 70 only has 2 preset, namely, hall and room, they are sufficient. Sometimes in the world of gear less can be more, as you are force to make the best use of what you have.

The Me 70 has other features such as Compression, modulation and wah. These features are very packed and user friendly and over time can become very convenient.

The wah is very clean, but the range of the scoop is not that wide. Still, it is very usable and sometimes I find myself using the Me 70’s wah over my Vox Wah. The wah pedal can also be used in voice or octave mode, very handy indeed.

One other cool feature of the Boss Me 70 is its Cosm amp modelling ability. It is really a pre-amp with an equalizer and some preset amp models.

If you are like me and don’t always want to carry around loads of gear, then this feature on the Me 70 will become very invaluable. Why? Because you can just plug it straight into the PA at a gig, choose a preset and you are good to go.

All in all it is a very good pedal for reggae, and the advantage is that you get a lot in a very small portable unit that sounds good, is easy to use and will not ruin you financially. Go try one!


A lot of features are packed in the unit. Sounds are usable and are of a good standard. Its very portable - esay to transport to a studio or to a gig. Ruggedly built and relatively inexpensive.


It's a Jack of all trade and master of none. It has no power witch unlike the Me 50, so you will have to unplug the input or power lead to turn it off - can be really annoying when using batteries.


When all is said and done, the Boss Me 70 gets the job done and thats all that matters in the end. Would I recommend it? Yes! These days you will be hard pressed to find a guitar pedal thats not usable, the technology is always improving. ratingratingratingratingrating

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