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The Best Reggae Delay Tips!

If you are a lover of reggae delay like me and you are in need of some simple reggae delay tips then please continue reading.    Reggae Delay

You may not believe this but it is alleged that the reggae delay gave way to the reggae guitar strumming technique as we now know it! How?   


Well, when Sir Coxsone Dod form Studio One introduced Tape echo to Jamaica.  It so happen that they did a few songs with a slap back setting on the rhythm guitar and the other studios thought they were strumming the guitar twice (the strum/down and the chuck/up).  And that’s how reggae evolved. Now how is that for reggae delay?  


Back in the day tape echo was mostly used to produce the reggae delay, and then they used analogue delay fallowed by digital delay.  Any one of the different types of delays can give the sought after reggae delay sound.   


The reggae delay sound can be had in a number of different ways.  First you need to tweak the settings on your delay pedal or device to your likeness.  This is important because there isn’t an absolute setting for these things.  


The next thing you will want to do to achieve that illusive reggae delay sound, is simply use the tap tempo button on your reggae delay pedal to synchronize the feedback with the kick drum.    


Faster if you intend to strum with less frequency, especially when there is a break in the song.  And it’s as simple as that.  This technique works like a charm.  


If you are after a dub reggae sound for your reggae delay, just simply tap the tempo to all four beats of the musical bar.  Or, tap tempo as if you are tapping a steppers drum beat to the rhythm that’s being played.    


To get this delay sound to be perfect though, strum without the chuck.  Try this out when next you are gigging or at rehearsal.  This reggae delay technique sounds really good when done in a band setting.  


These are the reggae delay settings and technique I use and they work wonders for me.  The Audience when I play always seems to enjoy the reggae delay settings I use.  


There are other reggae delay settings and techniques that musicians employ, so experiment, it does not hurt.  In fact if you try a reggae delay setting or technique that you think is particularly good, send it to me or post it at the bottom of this page.   


Any decent reggae delay pedals form Boss, Line 6, Digitech, etc, will most certainly work. However, if you want to use a more expensive reggae delay pedal by all means go ahead. Just make sure it has tap tempo – it makes life easier for you.  


For reggae delay I particularly like the Digitech DL 8 and the Boss DD-20 or even the Line 6 DL4.  But that’s just me for reggae delay, I like to keep it simple.  Whatever pedal and sound makes you happy use that.   


Rock mount reggae delay systems on eBay can be had for cheap, so look into those if you are that way persuaded. And again the above brands, make some excellent rock mount units. And that’s it. Have fun!  For more on a unit that's good for reggae delay  


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