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3 Amazing R & B Chord Progressions


I know these r & b chord progressions may seem a little odd given that the site is about reggae. But let’s not forget that reggae chords had their genesis in r & b.r & b chord progressions

These r & b chord progressions may be a little challenging if you are just starting out. So learn your majors, minors and dominant chords well.  Enjoy!

1. Brian McKnight used this r & b chord progression in I Belong to You.  A song I absolutely love.  My younger brother always did it back in the day. The original is in G# major, but you may find it easier playing it in G major.

Chords: G #minor – D minor – C minor for the intro and verse.

Pre-chorus:  A minor 7 flat 5 – D#7#9 (the Jimmy Hendricks chord)


2. Jamie Fox used this r & b chord progression in Do What You Do.  The live version with Ricky minor on bass and Charlie Bereal on guitar is just out of this world.  It’s the best I have heard Charlie Bereal play.  Check it out on YouTube.

Chords:  D minor – E minor –A minor.  It’s a turn around, the root is in A minor, but it starts on the E minor.  It’s a devastating r & b chord progression and will get anything in the mood.


3. Keith Sweat and Athena Cage used this r & b chord progression in No Body.  It’s a very smooth chord progression that instantly gives a smooth kind of vibe.  It’s well worth learning.

Chords:  F major 7 – E minor – D minor – E minor – D minor.  This is repeated over and over.  It’s not terribly complicated and it’s the same for the verse and chorus.  for reggae chord progressions

Well that’s it! Hope you enjoyed it.  Do come back from time to time.






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