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What is Spanish Reggae

Reggae music has been making strides in the world from its inception and this has lead to Spanish reggae becoming more popular around the world. In this short article on Spanish reggae music we will look at popular Spanish reggae artists and bands I like, Spanish reggae shows, how it Spanish Reggaedeveloped and its peculiarities.

Spanish reggae has its roots in Jamaican reggae music and immerged in the 1970s and has been growing ever since. Interestingly enough, Spanish reggae music is more popular in the Americas among the Spanish speaking popular than it is in Spain. But Spain is contributing to Spanish reggae as well by its annual reggae festivals.

Countries where it’s popular

Reggae is popular in Spanish speaking countries such as Panama, Dominica, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Spain. Jamaican workers brought reggae music with them to Panama when they went there to work on the canal and it spread to other countries from there. Reggae artist such as Christopher Matin, Romain Virgo and Jah Cure among others of course, are very popular in these countries.

One of the biggest reggae festivals in the world is the Rototom Sunsplash Reggae festival held in Benicassim Spain. Every reggae artist under the sun who is known plays the Rototom Reggae Sunsplash. It is a different experience and if you are a reggae lover then you should check it out.

A few of the Spanish reggae artists I like are Charles Edwards, Morodo and Ras Boti. The Spanish reggae bands I like include Cultura Profetica, Condwana, Jahsta and Los Cafres.

Spanish reggae has not remained still; it has morphed itself into something else and something very interesting call reggaeton. Reggaeton to be honest is more akin to Dancehall than it is to reggae as we have come to know it. If you take a reggae song speed it up, swing it excessively and include some Latin American instruments and phrasing, you get a decent enough reggaeton beat.

Even if you don’t speak Spanish you can still enjoy Spanish reggae music. The beat and accent are very alluring and as such can be enjoyed fully. That’s it! Now go check out some Spanish reggae music. Click here for other types of reggae.



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