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What are the Reggae Colors?


The Reggae colors are, depending on who you speak to, black, red, green and gold, or just red, green and gold. In Some places the reggae colors include just black, green and gold whReggae Colorsich are the colors of the Jamaican flag.

The rationale behind using black, green and gold for the reggae colors is simply because reggae music is a product of Jamaica and it should reflect the national colors. The colors of the Jamaican flag had pan African roots. Initially they were interpreted as hardships there are but the land is green and the sun shineth.

Today however, black stands of the peoples' strength and how creative they are which allows them to overcome all obstacles, gold stands for the beautiful sunshine and green represents the lush vegetation of the country.

On the other hand, some Rasta's believe the reggae colors should simply be red, green and gold to avoid association with the" Babylon system" - the norms and political structures of the west. According to the Rasta's, the reggae colors have significance.

Red is for the blood of all living things, gold is for the riches of the world and green is for the earth. When black is added it represents Africa. Some believe that red also represents the blood that was shed by their ancestors.

The reggae colors for most though are, black, red, green and gold. This has a lot to do with the commercialization of all things reggae, especially where the media is concerned. In the UK these colors are pretty much accepted as the reggae colors thanks to popular TV chef Levi Roots and his Reggae Reggae Sauce and other products.

If you want to rock the reggae colors there aren't really any wrong or right, so long as you have three different colors out of black, red, green and gold. In fact, if you are in a very expressive mood you could rock all four!

Personally, I would only go with two or three of the reggae colors. I am a green and black kind of guy and if I were going to rock all three, I would go for gold as the third option - I really love the colors of the Jamaican flag. And that's it for reggae colors! If you like reggae colors you may also like the characteristics of reggae. Take care!

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