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20 Amazing Reggae wedding Songs




Ok, here is the deal on these reggae wedding songs, I went on the internet to do a search and pretty much all the lists that came up were the same tired, but true reggae wedding songs.   Some of the Reggae Wedding Songssongs weren't even appropriate for a reggae wedding. So I decided to compile a list that's fresh and a little different, you can call it the author's choice. I have included quite a few new reggae artists. Hope you like it!

Want You Back - Although this song is not talking about wedding and getting married, it is nevertheless a lovely song and a lovely reggae wedding song.  It was no. 1 in Jamaican in 1999 and I remember it like it was yesterday.  I was told that Singing Melody did the song after his girl friend broke up with him, and as a result he got her back.  It made the list because the man is keeping it real.  He has a lot more songs that could use as reggae wedding songs as well.

Committed - Done by Third World in 1992 when I was in high school - I have just given away my age.  Anyway, the song goes on about commitment, something that is hard to find in relationships today.  This makes it a really good reggae wedding song and the words come alive because of Bunny Rug's soulful reggae voice.

A No Me Dat - Richie Spice is saying that's not me, I can't walk away from true love! It's a beautiful reggae wedding song. This is one of my favourite of all the reggae wedding songs. The lyrics are so true and so beautiful. I have a confession to make; I use to sing it to my girl friend a lot! That's how much I love it.

My Love Is Your Love - Terry Linen did many reggae wedding songs but this tops them all. It was a hit on the reggae charts worldwide; listen to it and you will soon see why. He is from the parish of St. Elizabeth, the same parish that produced Tyrone Taylor (Little Cottage In Negril). His voice is not very dissimilar to that of Garnet Silk's hence, the reason they call him linen.

Run Come Love Me - This is a wicked song for any reggae wedding, period.  The song was done by Jah Cure Featuring Jah Mason.  It has a very nice groove and immediately upon hearing it you will want to dance.  Jah Cure's awesome vocal range and tone, along with the words of the song killed it for me.  Check it out and see what you think. 

Intoxication - When this song first came out on the "Drop leaf Riddim" by Don Carleon, almost everyone in the reggae universe thought the singer was Jamaica, but he turn out to be Gentleman from Germany. He is a top of the line reggae artist and the words of this song show why. It can definitely be used at a reggae wedding.

Nine To Five - I played the song while writing this article and I had to stop and jam along on my guitar, the song is sweet.  This song will make you poor, because it will always make you want to stay home with your love.  Zamunda is a relatively new artist and interestingly, he stutters very badly but when he sings you could never tell, truly amazing and a fantastic reggae wedding song.

Love Crazy - The first time I heard this song I thought, this is what love and marriage is all about. The song is relaxing, reflective, soothing and very timely; a very good reggae wedding song indeed. The Singer is Jah Melody from out of Trinidad and what a wicked voice he has.

Underneath It all - This song also made my list of the 10 best reggae love songs.  I like it - it's a little different and it's a really good song that explains how sometimes, we hide our true feelings for the one we love.  No Doubt did a very good job with this reggae song.

Baby, I love Your Ways - Another great song for a reggae wedding.  The song is done by Big Mountain.  It was a hit worldwide.  It's one of those songs that just put you in a good mood and makes you reflect on that special one.

Is This love - Bob Marley is the King of reggae, so I have to honour him by including at least one of his songs.  The song though, needs no praise from me, it speaks for itself, and it's an amazing reggae love and wedding song period.

Blessing - This is a proper reggae wedding song.  It's Etana featuring Albarosie out of Italy and what a beautiful singing couple they make.  The song goes on about the blessing of a man and woman loving each other, what a relationship should be all about.  I was introduced to it by my girl friend, so that says something.

Some Where - Again, this is a reggae song that's just cool and smooth, allowing you to take your mind off everything else. Chronixx is one of the up and coming artists who are already creating waves internationally. I had the good pleasure of meeting his father, Chronicles, hence the name Chronixx. His father use to sing on a sound system in my community called Black Cat and I will tell you this, he is very good and his son is just as good, as it should be.

Bye Bye - This is a hot tune by Peetah Morgan from Morgan's Heritage. It speaks about the cost of not appreciating someone and losing them. Very instructive for those getting married in my humble opinion. The song is on the "Automatic Riddim", one of my favourite reggae "riddims" from Penthouse Studio. It's a beautiful reggae wedding song.

The More I See you - We all know that wedding is all about the bride, it's her day.  This song at any reggae wedding is a winner.   It's done by Junior Kelly, a much underrated reggae artist.  It's a hard reggae wedding song, maybe too hard for some, and it's on the "Hardtimes Riddim" as well!

No Ordinary love - This is done by Alaine on the "Season's Riddim", one of reggae's singing princesses.  Again, it makes for a perfect reggae wedding song.  If you don't believe me just listen to the words.  This is what love should be about - not ordinary.

Love Is - Another one on the "Season's Riddim" and again, talking about what real love is. It's for this reason many people play reggae songs at their wedding. Most reggae artists are males and when they sing a love song you know it's real, especially when one considers the rough macho background they come from. The song is done by Jah Cure, his second on the list.

King & Queen - This is a great song by Richie Spice and Alison Hinds from Barbados. Two people in love are a king and a queen in their own way; you don't have to believe it, they do. It's a duet and that's what makes it a special reggae wedding song, merging a reggae king with a soca queen.

Stay With You - A proper reggae wedding song this. It speaks about real love that burns continually, not the one that blazes and then goes out. These are the thoughts that's needed, to kick start a wedding. It's done by Tarrus Riley, Jimmy Riley's son.

Superman - No, the song is not about the big screen super hero. It's about your local hero who inspires with the strength of his character and the commitment required for a long term relationship. Again, it's done by Tarrus Riley. When he sang it for the first time in Brazil, the people loved it so much so, that he had to do it over not once, but twenty times! Wow!

And some...

By My Side - Third World Featuring Tessanne Chin

Loving You - Tessanne Chin and Kees

Falling - Iration

Fire In Me - Duane Stephenson

I will updating this list in the future. These reggae wedding songs are a little different form the ones which normally gets mentioned, but it's an amazing list nevertheless. Hope you enjoy them as much I do.  Take a look at this list for more reggae wedding songs. Take care for now!

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