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10 Simple guitar chords you should know

Simple guitar chords

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These simple guitar chords have made my journey in leaning the guitar easier and enjoyable. What is the point anyway of leaning an instrument like the guitar if the chords aren’t easy. Below then, are 10 simple guitar chords that will definitely help to make your life easier while you learning the guitar.

Simple guitar chord progression 1

G major – A minor: This is a 1-2 chord progression

This simple guitar chord progression is used a lot, especially in reggae music. It has a happy vibe but will also fit with a reflective vide. Its only two simple chords, but it’s a good place to start. Learn it!

Simple guitar chord progression 2

G major – D major: This is a 1-5 chord progression

This is a fantastic easy chord progression to learn. It is used in blues, reggae, jazz and pop a lot. The reason it is so good is because of the 5th. Yes the 5th is very important, its leads us home. The 5th chord always lead back to the first and for this reason, it is a simple and very effective chord progression. Learn it!

Simple guitar chord progression 3

G major – C major: 1-4 chord progression

Again this simple guitar chord progression has two chords and it’s easy to learn. Learning these chords will set the foundation for any genre of music you are involved with. Now, I cannot stress the importance of leaning these simple chords, they set you up for greatness. Learn them!

Simple guitar chord progression 4

G major – C major – D major: 1-4-5 chord progression

This is chord progression is probably the most popular chord progression in the world. I mean every musical gene I can think of uses it. Very common in reggae, pop, gospel, country, jazz and blues. So clearly it is a chord progression worth learning. So learn it!

Simple guitar chord progression 5

G major – D major – C major: 1-5-4 chord progression

Again this is a very popular chord progression in every genre of music. It is probably the second most popular chord progression in the world. So please make sure you learn it.

Simple guitar chord progression 6

G major – B minor – C major – D major: 1-3-4-5 chord progression

This chord progression is used a lot in soul music, R & B, reggae, pop, gospel, blues and pop. It is a very sweet guitar chord progression, very sweet indeed. If you are into soul, this is right up your stream. I can play this over and over and never get tired. Learn it!

Simple guitar chord progression 7

G major – E minor – C major – D major: 1-6-4-5 chord progression

By now you would have noticed that all the guitar chord progressions start on the 1st chord. This is because most chord progressions start with the first chord. They say that this is one of the most popular pop chord progressions. Learn it!

Simple guitar chord progression 8

G major – D major – E minor – C major: 1-5-6-4 chord progression

Apparently this is the most popular pop chord progression. I think there is some merit to it. Many hit songs have been written using this chord progression. So if you are into song writing this is a must learn chord progression. So learn it!

Simple guitar chord progression 9

E minor – C major – G major – D major: 6-4-1-5 chord progression

If you have ever being heartbroken then you will understand why this chord progression is used in a lot of sad songs. It starts on the 6th, a minor chord, that’s what gives it, its sad feel. But the major chords give it hope because they are happy. Learn it!

Simple guitar chord progression 10!

G major - B minor – A minor – D major: 1-3-2-5 chord progression

I think Lionel Richie used this in Easy Like Sunday Morning. But it has also being used in other genre like reggae as well. Think Bob Marley’s Rock my Boat. So again it is worth learning!

I certainly hope you have enjoyed these simple guitar chords. Do come by again and do let me know what you think below. For more simple guitar chord progressions go here.



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